Ogni tappo di sughero sembra esser creato per il "suo" vino, per esaltarne e conservarne le particolari caratteristiche, sia esso rosso, bianco o rosato, fermo o frizzante, novello o invecchiato
Ogni tappo di sughero sembra esser creato per il "suo" vino, per esaltarne e conservarne le particolari caratteristiche, sia esso rosso, bianco o rosato, fermo o frizzante, novello o invecchiato

A Sicilian family business over five generations

Wine and Cork production are ancient Sicilian arts. The Winetops Company has been producing and marketing excellent corks for five generations. The company is located in the heart of the Sicilian winemaking area and ideally positioned to be able to respond quickly to clients’ needs.


Winetops is an artisan family business with a strong international partner and a mission that has been handed down for decades: to protect your wine with our finest corks.


Combining historical experience with innovative technology, the owners follow the entire production process, from the harvest to the end product, with great care and professionalism.


Passion, Tradition and Innovation!

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