Ogni tappo di sughero sembra esser creato per il "suo" vino, per esaltarne e conservarne le particolari caratteristiche, sia esso rosso, bianco o rosato, fermo o frizzante, novello o invecchiato
Ogni tappo di sughero sembra esser creato per il "suo" vino, per esaltarne e conservarne le particolari caratteristiche, sia esso rosso, bianco o rosato, fermo o frizzante, novello o invecchiato

Cork....nature at its best

Cork is a true eco-friendly material used by man since ancient times. It is 100% natural, recyclable and biodegradable and in this age where attention is increasingly focused on the environment, cork’s ecological attributes enable it to play a leading role.


The cork oak, (Quercus Suber), protected since the twelfth century, is fundamental to the preservation of biodiversity. Cork forests provide an ideal habitat for many species of fauna and flora while safeguarding the planet from environmental desertification and global warming; during the bark’s regeneration, after each harvest, the plant absorbs from three to five times more CO2 than normal.


On average, this is a tree that lives for 200 years and can reach a height of about 20 meters. The trunk has a thick and wrinkled bark and can reach a diameter of 1.5 meters. The oak tree begins to produce cork after about 20/25 years and from that moment cork can be harvested from the tree for about 150 years, with a minimum interval of nine years without the trees being damaged or cut.


A native Mediterranean plant, the cork oak proliferates in large quantities in the forests of certain regions of Italy. Cork from Sardinia and from Sicily, especially the forests of the Sughereta di Niscemi and the Bosco di San Pietro in Caltagirone, is world renowned for its high quality. In Sicily, cork oaks and grapevines have always grown side by side, providing a perfect method for storing the prestigious wines produced in this region.


Cork is a unique material which enables the preservation and ageing of wine over time. It is light, flexible, elastic, compressible, impermeable, insulating and practically indestructible. In addition to protecting wine, cork has an important health role; the polyphenols present in cork act as a significant antioxidant and anti-radical agent in the prevention of cell ageing and related diseases.


Sustainability: Respect for the environment and preservation of this raw material


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