Ogni tappo di sughero sembra esser creato per il "suo" vino, per esaltarne e conservarne le particolari caratteristiche, sia esso rosso, bianco o rosato, fermo o frizzante, novello o invecchiato
Ogni tappo di sughero sembra esser creato per il "suo" vino, per esaltarne e conservarne le particolari caratteristiche, sia esso rosso, bianco o rosato, fermo o frizzante, novello o invecchiato

Quality and certification are top priorities

The Winetops Company is renowned for an impeccable production process. Product traceability is guaranteed by meticulous controls at every stage, from forest to client. 


We analyse both raw materials and the final product. The quality level of each lot is guaranteed by physical-mechanical analysis (dimension, humidity, weight, porosity, elasticity, permeability, extraction force) chemical analysis (TCA, residual oxidising substances), sensorial analysis and microbiological analysis. We entrust these processes to accredited external laboratories whilst maintaining our own internal controls. 


Alongside the production cycle, Winetops follows all the norms and protocols defined in the Integrated Management System for Quality and Food Safety in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 and UNI EN ISO 22000: 2005 which guarantee an excellent standard of production.


Quality and Food Safety are the fundamental principles to which Winetops constantly adheres. 

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